Passive Donations

Passive donation program sponsors such as Amazon Smile Foundation and Fry’s Community Rewards program donate to charitable organizations based on the behavior of their program participants. Frequently, such programs revolve around shopping through a particular merchant or venue with the total purchases affecting the donation received by the chosen organization. The cost to participants is only a few moments to register their charity of choice. Other programs may involve tracking activity, such as walking or cycling, with donations based on time or mileage. While participants may spend a bit more time, there is still no monetary cost.

Amazon Smile Foundation

The Amazon Smile Foundation donates a percentage of purchases made through by shoppers to the charity of their choice. The products available are the same as through

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Fry’s Community Rewards

Patrons of Fry’s grocery stores may register your Fry’s VIP Rewards Cards to select Sun City Meals on Wheels as your preferred charity. As of 2017, the registration remains active unless you make a new selection.

Volunteers, Meals on Wheels clients past and present, and their family and friends are all encouraged to register your Fry’s Rewards Cards! It takes just a few minutes, and donations received through this program are earmarked to help those in need of our services who are might struggle to afford them.